Double Table Screen Printing Machine

Short Description:

Product Description
The whole machine is composed of double tables, suitable for circuit/solder mask/plug hole ink printing production process, adopts well-known electrical hardware configuration at home and abroad, equipped with advanced design concepts and stable mechanical structure ratios, and is supported by a number of patented technologies Ensure stable and reliable production and operation of products.

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Product Performance

Using servo scraper bottom, frequency can be set and adjusted
The self-locking function is set mechanically to ensure the stability and balance of the plug hole silk screen
Fully intelligent alignment system, no need to adjust alignment by handwheel
Four-column power lifting system, with high mechanical strength, good rigidity and strong stability

Hardware Configuration

Rail: THK
Cylinder: AirTAC
Communication: MITSUBISHI

Touch screen: weinview
Synchronous belt: MEGADYNE
Bearing: NSK
Ball screw: TBI

Technical Parameter

Maximum processing size: 630 mm×730mm
Squeegee pressure uniformity: ≤5kgf
Minimum processing size: 350mm×400mm
Printing pitch: 0~10 mm
Board thickness range: 0.8-4.0mm
Clearance from the board: 0~10mm

Printing speed: 30~300 mm/sec adjustable
Fine adjustment of screen frame: X, Y, θ±5mm
Maximum screen frame size: 1200×1100mm
Fixed screen frame: fixed at six points
Minimum screen frame size: 800×800mm
Covering/scraping angle: ±15°

The smallest plug hole diameter: ≤ 0.20mm
Scratch stroke: servo 0~900 mm adjustable
Table top level accuracy: ±0.1mm/m2
Equipment power: 3 KWH
Plug hole accuracy: ±0.02mm
Equipment size: 1500×1700×1900 mm

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