Fully Automatic PCB Legends Screen Printing Line

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Product introduce: Equipment configuration of the production line: A intelligent screen printing machine → uv machine →Sun shape flipping machine → B intelligent screen printer → wicket conveyor turnnel oven.This machine is formed by connecting multiple machines to achieve fully automatic production efficiency;,it not only reduces the cost of manpower, but also it achieves the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction (from the original two-pass printing and baking twice to two-pass printing and one baking).
Full automatic PCB legends screen printing line: it is applicable to the PCB legends screen printing production process of multilayer panel, thin / thick circuit boards. It adopts well-known electrical hardware configuration, carries advanced design concepts, stable mechanical structure , and is supported by a number of patented technologies. Ensure stable and reliable production and operation of products.

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Product Performance

1,The CCD visual alignment system uses an industrial computer + Windows version of the high-level program to drive the three-axis servo alignment system, which is fast and accurate. The operation interface adopts color LCD screen + wireless mouse.The operation is simple, it only takes 3-5 minutes to switch different panel.
2,The printing section adopts a stable top-level four-column screen printing head, equipped with a variety of uniquely designed precision movement and adjustment mechanisms, running smoothly and quietly, and positioning accurately:
3,Realize [digitalization], [parameterization] and [intelligence],The production capacity reaches 6-8pnl / min
4,Matching cold light source UV machine,fast curing!
5,matching the sun sharp flipping machine,Circuit board temporary storage, cooling, position turning over.
6,The design is based on the concept of "automatic connection operation", and with the horizontal conveyors in the front and rear sections, reduce the cost of the manpower and the production capacity can be increased.

Hardware Configuration

PLC: Mitsubishi
Guide rail: THK
Cylinder: AIRTAC
Communication: Mitsubishi

Touch screen: weinview
Synchronous belt: Megadyne
Bearing: NSK
Ball screw: TBI

Technical Parameter

Processing size 
Maximum: 630mm * 730mm
Minimum: 350mm * 400mm

processing thickness 
Maximum thickness: 4.0mm
Thinnest: 0.8mm

 production efficiency
Maximum: 8pnl / min
Minimum: 6pnl / min

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