Semi-auto Screen Printing Machine

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Product Description
The whole machine is suitable for circuit/soldering ink printing production process. It adopts well-known electrical hardware configuration at home and abroad, is equipped with advanced design concepts and stable mechanical structure ratios, and is supported by a number of patented technologies to ensure stable and reliable product production and operation.

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Widely used in PCB, nameplate signs, metal plastic, carton packaging, water mark transfer, self-adhesive, advertising, PVC, PET, film and other sheet precision flat printing.

Product Performance

1,Mechanical lifting, printing adopts imported guide rail to run
2,Safety protection configuration for mechanical operation settings
3,The beam/column is made of moulded profiles
4,High mechanical strength, good rigidity, strong stability
5 ,With manual/semi-automatic/full-automatic three printing modes, digital control of automatic printing indirect time (1~9 seconds)
6, Independently designed machine head lifting device, squeegee/return knife, screen loading and unloading and screen cleaning are convenient.
7,The left and right mesh clamp arms are equipped with a plate distance adjustment device, which is convenient for adjustment.
8,The angle of scraping and ink return can be adjusted, and the pneumatic automatic synchronization off-screen device.
9,Accept customer customized.

Hardware Configuration

Motor: TCG

Cylinder: A irTAC
Bearing: NSK
Synchronous belt: MEGADYNE

Technical Parameter

Processing size: Panels below 1500mm
Printing distance: 0~10 mm
Board thickness range: 0.02-4.0mm
Clearance from the board: 0~10mm
Printing speed: 30~300 mm/sec adjustable

Fine adjustment of screen frame: X, Y, θ±5mm
Maximum screen frame size: 1800mm*900mm
Fixed screen frame: fixed at six points
Minimum screen frame size: 700mm*800mm
Covering/scraping angle: ±15°

Table top level accuracy: ±0.1mm/m2
Equipment power: 3 KWH
Squeegee pressure uniformity: ≤5kgf
Equipment size: 1800×1400×1750 mm

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