U Type IR Tunnel Oven/drying oven

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Product Description

Industry conveyorised reflow ovens contain multiple individually heated zones, which can be individually controlled for temperature. PCBs being processed
travel through the oven and through each zone at a controlled rate. Technicians adjust the conveyor speed and zone temperatures to achieve a known time
and temperature profile. The profile in use may vary depending on the requirements of the PCBs being processed at the time.
The whole machine is composed of feeding section, drying zone matching patented energy-saving generating system, air conveying system, heat preservation system, and unloading section. It adopts imported patented U-shaped conveying design, stable operation and good energy-saving effect. Suitable for pre-bake/post-bake circuit boards.

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It is suitable for drying and cooling solvent ink and water-based ink. It is widely used in glass, electronics, packaging, pet, PC film and other printing industries.

Product Performance

1.Imported heating system with anti-attenuation system for heating tube energy
2.Adopt high-speed circulating fan, equipped with patented wind wheel to transport wind
3.Control panel with color man-machine interface, easy to manage the output and the operation of error elimination.
4.Multi-stage modular heating section, each independent furnace unit can be added or shortened in the future, keeping production requirements more flexible.
5.The unique cold air circuit in the cooling section can reduce the temperature to room temperature when the board is ejected to ensure that the subsequent process can be carried out
6.There is a maintenance door design, which is convenient for future cleaning and maintenance.
7.U-shaped conveying, stable operation
8.Energy-saving mode: energy-saving control mode with automatic heating/off heating
9.With over-temperature indication and alarm function

Hardware Configuration

Motor: TaiWan
Solid state: AUTONICS

Touch screen: weinview
Heating tube: GER
Thermostat: RKC

Technical Parameter

Maximum processing size: 630 mm×730mm
Minimum processing size: 350mm×400mm
Board thickness range: 0.6-4.0mm

Temperature uniformity: ±5℃
Conveying width: 60 type, 70 type, 80 type can be selected
Baking method: high-speed circulating hot air + infrared drying

Function selection: single/double-sided baking option
Temperature range: normal temperature -220℃
Exhaust air volume: 6-8m/s
Networking signal: Ethernet port docking

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