Independent double door vertical drying oven

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Product Description
The drying area of the whole machine is matched with a patented energy-saving generating system, air conveying system, and thermal insulation system. Good energy saving effect. Suitable for pre-bake/post-bake circuit boards.

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Dough divider and rounder is suitable to produce dough balls in various weight continuously.And it divides dough into small dough balls in same weight.It combines the function of traditional dividing machine and rounding machine,and saves producing space.The cone is replacable.And it can also be customized.There are 2 sizes of each roller barrel.It can be transferred between 2 sizes by pressing button to change the roller barrel freely.The machine is covered with Stainless steel surrounding panels,and the inner structure is easy to dismantle and assemble.And it is also simple to clean and maintain.

For daily work,it can operated by one worker definitely.After pulling mixed dough into the hopper,the dividing and rounding can be finished inside the machine,and come out round dough balls in required weight.Till now,very few factory  can manufacture dough divider and rounder,2 function in 1.So we take great advantage in developing technology,producing capacity and competitive price in the market.

In the beginning,we only develop dough divider and rounder in 3 pockets version.And now,we can provide both 3 pockets and 5 pockets version.Customers can choose according to their production requirement.

Product Performance

1,Adopt patent heating system, energy saving 30%
2,Adopt high-speed circulating fan, equipped with patented wind wheel to transport wind
3,With 2 sets of over-temperature indication and alarm function
4,The inner box is made of 1.0mm stainless steel plate, and the outer box is made of 1.2mm thick A3 iron plate;
5,Insulation material: 100K environmentally friendly high-temperature cotton is used, and the insulation thickness is 100mm;
6,Door edge sealing: It is tightly sealed with high temperature resistant silica gel.
7,Accept customer customization.

Hardware Configuration

Motor: TaiWan
Thermostat: RKC

Solid state: AUTONICS

Technical Parameter

Maximum processing size: 630 mm×730mm
Minimum processing size: 350mm×400mm
Board thickness range: 0.02-4.0mm

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃
External dimensions :customized
Baking method: high-speed circulating hot air

Function selection: can be divided into single-stage/multi-stage baking options
Temperature range: normal temperature -220℃
Exhaust air volume: 6-8m/sing hot air

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