Double -Door Vertical Hot Air Oven

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Product Description
The drying area of the whole machine is matched with patented energy-saving heat system, wind system and heat preservation system. Good energy saving effect. Suitable for pre-bake/post-bake circuit boards.

Product Detail

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Drying of Single/Double-sided PCB printing, Legend Printing in Multi-Layer Plates, Pre&Post-Bake of Solder Mask, Pre-Bake of Plugging, Ink, HASL.

Product Performance

1,Adopt patent heating system, energy saving 30%
2,Adopt high-speed circulating fan, equipped with patented wind wheel to transport wind
3,Adopt industrial computer control system
4,Use imported 100-level high-efficiency filter to filter circulating air
5,With 2 sets of over-temperature indication and alarm function
6,The inner box is made of 1.0mm stainless steel plate, and the outer box is made of 1.2mm thick A3 iron plate;
7, Insulation material: 100K environmentally friendly high-temperature cotton is used, and the insulation thickness is 100mm;
8,Door edge sealing: It is tightly sealed with high temperature resistant silica gel.
9,Accept customer customization.

Hardware Configuration

Motor: TaiWan
Solid state: AUTONICS

Touch screen: weinview
Communication: MITSUBISHI
Thermostat: RKC

Technical Parameter

Maximum processing size: 630 mm×730mm
Minimum processing size: 350mm×400mm
Board thickness range: 0.02-4.0mm

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃
Oven size: can be customized according to requirements
Baking method: high-speed circulating hot air

Function selection: can be divided into single-stage/multi-stage baking options
Temperature range: normal temperature -220℃
Exhaust air volume: 6-8m/s

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