Fully Automatic Thin Sheets Solder Mask Printing Line

Short Description:

Product introduce: Equipment configuration of the production line: intelligent pressure plugging-via machine → automatic leveling machine →A intelligent solder mask screen printer → suspended conveyor oven →B intelligent solder mask screen printer → suspended conveyor oven
Full automatic thin plate solder mask production line: it is applicable to the solder mask ink printing production process of multiple material numbers, thin / thick circuit boards. It adopts well-known electrical hardware configuration at home and abroad, carries advanced design concepts, stable mechanical structure , and is supported by a number of patented technologies. Ensure stable and reliable production and operation of products.

Product Detail

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Product Performance

CCD alignment system is adopted, and the material number is switched in 3-5min
Compatible with the production of 0.4mm-3.0mm plates
The production capacity reaches 3-6pnl / min
Realize [digitalization], [parameterization] and [intelligence]
Manipulator loading and unloading to realize the whole line fully automatic

Hardware Configuration

PLC: Mitsubishi
Guide rail: THK
Cylinder: AIRTAC
Communication: Mitsubishi

Touch screen: weinview
Synchronous belt: Megadyne
Bearing: NSK
Ball screw: TBI

Technical Parameter

Processing Size
Maximum: 620mm * 720mm
Minimum: 400mm * 400mm

Processing Thickness
Maximum thickness: 3.0mm
Thinnest: 0.4mm

Production Efficiency
Maximum: 6pnl / min
Minimum: 3pnl / min

About Dongyuan

Visual Registration: 2 CCD cameras detect registration mark or hole on substrate rapidly, mathematically calculate position off-set amount providing to control system, X/Y servo transmission system drives registration table immediately to precise position.

Laser Point: CCD camera module is locked / unlocked by pneumatic control switch, fast displacement and manual fine adjusting front back / right left position, collocated with laser point projection for quick moving to target position.

Digital Control Screen Micro Adjustment: replace manual three-point micro adjustment, which is unable to adjust precisely obtaining the requested position, digitalized control compensation attains quick precise efficiency.

Buffer Stacker: when B side screen printer stops for screen cleaning, A side incoming after printing, temporary stack into buffer stacked to avoid influence production efficiency.

Automatic Positioning Turn Over: accomplished A side legend printing and transported to turn over, servo drive CCD to detect registration mark on B side for legend printing.

Clipper Flattening: substrate is deformed after various processing, clipper pulls to extend bilateral sides flattening while turn over to facilitate CCD registering, especially for thin film outstanding efficiency

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