The working principle and function of hot air circulation oven and its advantages of high efficiency and energy saving

As the environmental protection situation becomes increasingly severe, coinciding with the epidemic and rising raw material prices, circuit board factories have been greatly impacted. The labor-intensive industrial characteristics make the situation of the PCB industry not optimistic. All manufacturers are actively seeking environmental protection, energy saving, and An efficient and cost-reducing production method, the pcb board baking process is an indispensable part of the circuit board production process, and it is also an important part of driving manufacturers’ energy-saving and environmentally friendly upgrades and transformations. In this issue, we will bring you pcb circuit board baking Baking solution, introduces the working principle and function, and the advantages of replacing the traditional PCB oven, helping to double the quality and efficiency.


1. The working principle and function of the hot air circulation drying oven. Compared with the traditional oven, what are the advantages in PCB circuit board baking?


Efficient drying: Xinjinhui hot air circulation oven adopts advanced high-speed circulating hot air technology to ensure high-speed drying while ensuring stable and uniform temperature for baking PCB circuit boards, thereby improving baking quality and greatly shortening baking time. , double doubling of quality and efficiency.


Energy saving and low consumption: The hot air circulation oven uses imported high-temperature silicic acid insulating rock wool and other insulation materials, combined with superior sealing properties and a heating and insulation air transport system, which can greatly reduce energy waste. Compared with traditional ovens, the energy consumption of hot air circulation ovens is reduced by more than 30%.


Green and environmentally friendly: The hot air circulation oven mainly uses relatively clean electric energy and can be integrated with a thousand-level or hundred-level filtration system to reduce waste gas, waste water and other pollutants during the baking process, and improve the quality of the PCB circuit board drying effect. At the same time, it also It can effectively reduce noise pollution during the production process and achieve environmentally friendly green production.


2. Why is the hot air circulation oven an important part of the energy-saving upgrade of PCB circuit board baking process?


Because the baking process often takes a long time, the power consumption and the quality of the PCB board are significantly affected, and based on large-base batch production, the space that can be saved is relatively large.


For example, the thermal efficiency of traditional drying rooms is generally between 3% and 7%, while most hot air circulation ovens on the market can increase the thermal efficiency to 45% or even more than 50%. Xin Jinhui’s hot air circulation oven has achieved a thermal efficiency of over 90% through multiple technological iterations and the support of multiple national patented system technologies. It has the characteristics of efficient drying capacity, energy saving and low consumption, as well as significant environmental and economic benefits. This means a huge reduction in power consumption and drying time, which is of great significance to PCB board manufacturers.


3. In summary, the following conclusions can be drawn from the contents of the hot air circulation oven PCB circuit board baking solution:


PCB circuit board hot air circulation oven has obvious advantages in environmental protection and energy saving. Compared with traditional ovens, it has significant improvements in efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. In response to national environmental protection policies and the realization of green production, hot air circulation ovens provide an effective solution for the drying and baking process of the PCB circuit board industry.


At the same time, the hot air circulation oven also includes a hot air circulation oven suitable for highly automated large-volume baking, a vertical hot air circulation oven for small batches of miscellaneous materials or proofing, and a combination carrier that has buffering, temporary storage, and a fully automatic circulation lifting type. Baking production line.Based on the individual needs of customers, Xinjinhui provides customized solutions for baking and drying equipment.

Post time: May-30-2024