The temperature of the hot air circulation oven is uneven, what’s going on and what should I do?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of oven equipment that uses a heating element, a fan and a wind wheel to form a high-speed circulating hot air for baking and drying. So what is the reason for the uneven temperature in the hot air circula001tion oven and what should I do? This issue will lead everyone to discuss the causes and solutions that affect the uneven temperature of hot air circulation ovens.


1. What is the reason for the uneven temperature of the hot air circulation oven?

1. Insufficient fan speed and power

2. The space and the wind wheel do not match

3. Unreasonable air duct design

4. Wind circulation is not smooth

5. Insufficient maintenance, blocked vents, etc.

6. The door or sealing strip is not sealed in place

7. The parameters of the exhaust valve are incorrectly set.


2. What should I do if the temperature of the hot air circulation oven is uneven? What is the solution?

The first step is to make a suspect list (as above) based on the possible causes of uneven temperature.

The second step is to check the faults of electrical components such as the fan speed, power, and wind wheel air volume.

The third step is to test the fan parameters, the angle of the wind guide plate, comprehensively maintain and clean the vents, etc., and check the tightness, etc.

The fourth step is to simulate running tests and gradually eliminate them based on the test results.


Note: If the temperature of the hot air circulation oven does not suddenly appear uneven, then the problem may be mainly focused on unreasonable design, such as: the space of the box does not match the configuration of the wind wheel, fan, etc., the wind force and pressure design calculation of the ventilation hole is incorrect, etc. ; Or there are defects and imperfections in the assembly process of drying equipment.


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Post time: Jun-03-2024