The development of miniaturization of electronic products, vacuum resin plugging machine, assists the leap forward in PCB plugging technology

In electronics manufacturing, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are manufactured through many steps, including hole machining and filling. The traditional method is to complete it by drilling and grouting, but this method has some problems, such as low accuracy and low efficiency. In order to solve these problems, devices came into being. This advanced technology has brought huge changes to the electronics manufacturing industry.


Vacuum resin plugging machines are mainly divided into the following types:


1. Ordinary vacuum resin plugging machine

The ordinary type tool is mainly used for ordinary hole processing and filling, and has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient use. It uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to suck the resin into the inside of the machine, and then injects the resin into the holes through pressure control. This machine is suitable for various types of PCBs and can meet most electronic manufacturing needs.


2. High-speed vacuum resin plugging machine

High-speed vacuum plugging machines are mainly aimed at high-demand production environments and need to handle a large number of hole processing and filling. This kind of machine uses more advanced technology, such as robot arms for automated operations, to achieve efficient production. At the same time, it is also equipped with a series of sensors and control systems that can accurately control the pressure and filling volume of the resin to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs.


3. Fully automatic vacuum resin plugging machine

The fully automatic vacuum plugging machine is the most advanced type. It can realize fully automated production, including hole detection, resin filling, curing and other steps. This machine uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to automatically identify and process various types of holes, improving production efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, the fully automatic vacuum plugging machine is also equipped with various safety protection measures to ensure the safety of the production process.


Overall, the vacuum resin plugging machine is an important technological innovation in the electronics manufacturing industry. It not only improves production efficiency and precision, but also produces higher-quality PCBs, providing strong support for the development of the electronics manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is also a product that conforms to the development trends of electronic products such as miniaturization, multi-function, and integration. As one of the PCB special equipment manufacturers, I have personally experienced the development and leap forward of the PCB industry in the past 20 years. With the development of multi-layer boards and HDI boards, etc. The demand and proportion of high-end circuit boards continue to expand, and low-end circuit board factories are facing a crisis of elimination. The low-end market pattern of circuit boards has been reshuffled, and the overall technical level has increased. Xinjinhui vacuum plugging machines, fully automatic/semi-automatic ink pressure plugging machines Machines, fully automatic and semi-automatic solder mask screen printing machines, energy-saving, fully automatic plug-hole solder mask drying production lines, etc. are the intelligent automation and energy-saving transformation of traditional PCB circuit board factories in plug-hole, solder mask screen printing, baking and curing processes. Optimized solution for upgrades; helping PCB board manufacturers save a lot of labor costs, reduce dependence on manual technology, achieve high-quality output, high-efficiency production, reduce costs and increase efficiency while reducing a lot of unnecessary losses and waste, thereby improving PCB board manufacturers comprehensive benefits and market competitiveness.


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Post time: Mar-23-2024