Technical development of PCB industry

The technical development of the PCB industry is closely related to the demand for electronic terminal products, and it is developing towards the development direction of high density, high performance and environmental protection.

1. High density

The requirements for circuit board opening size, line width, number of layers, and high density are higher, so higher requirements are placed on the line density report (HDI). Compared with ordinary multi-layer boards, HDI boards are advanced PCB technology. manifestation. More accurate setting of blind holes and buried holes, reducing the number of holes, can stretch the area of ​​​​the PCB, and can greatly improve the density of the device.

2. High performance

High performance mainly refers to improving the resistance and heat dissipation of the PCB, thereby enhancing the reliability of the product. A PCB with good thermal resistance can ensure the effective transmission of information and the stability of the final product performance. Next, PCBs with good heat dissipation performance such as metal substrates and thick copper plates are widely used, and PCB products show the characteristics of high-performance development.

The PCB industry develops with the needs of terminal customers, and Xinjinhui's equipment is also constantly updated and developed. Our latest intelligent pressure plugging machine is suitable for various ink concentrations, more accurate plugging, and higher success rate of one-time plugging. Our conveyor ovens with different track designs can meet more kinds of PCB drying. The independently developed 18mm track spacing can shorten the length of the oven and save more energy.

Side - clip hot air conveyor tunnel oven

Side - clip – type conveyor hot air tunnel oven patent side - clip - type splint way to achieve double-sided baking. The use of hot air and the patent energy-saving heating body, energy saving 50%. Adopt patent circulation fan, quick curing ink effect

IR conveyor tunnel oven

Adopt U type conveying, can bake on both sides at the same time. Using infrared energy, hot air energy and patent energy saving heating body, energy saving 50%. Adopt patent circulation fan, quick curing ink effect. It can realize automatic mode operation

Post time: Oct-27-2022