Introduction to tunnel oven (what is a tunnel oven oven)

This issue brings you an introduction. Through the explanation and analysis of the structure, function, working principle and energy saving advantages of the tunnel oven, you can understand what the tunnel oven is and understand its advantages and characteristics in one article.


1. Introduction to tunnel oven

Tunnel oven, as the name suggests, is a tunnel-type oven oven equipment used for baking and drying. Based on its long box structure characteristics, it is suitable for automation, large batches, continuity, and long baking time drying operations. It has significant advantages; it mainly uses far-infrared rays and hot air circulation as heating methods, and has superior performance of high output, high efficiency and high energy saving.


2. Tunnel furnace oven structure

001 The tunnel oven consists of the following 7 parts, namely:

1. Oven body (the inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel plate, and the outer part is made of thick cold plate and high-temperature spray plastic)

2. Heating system (self-developed patented heating element, efficient and energy-saving heating)

3. Temperature control system (intelligent automatic temperature control, precise temperature control and foolproofing)

4. Conveyor system (tailor-made according to customers baking process requirements)

5. Exhaust system (each baking area is equipped with an exhaust control valve)

6. Failure system (two sets of over-temperature protection, multiple safety protections)

7. Thermal insulation system (high-efficiency thermal insulation, the surface temperature of the tunnel furnace oven approaches normal temperature, and the outer shell does not conduct heat)


3. Function of tunnel oven

Tunnel oven oven is widely used in PCB circuit board plugging, text/solder mask, ink drying after screen printing, curing after development, eliminating moisture and stress inside and outside the circuit board, etc.; semiconductor and LED industry curing packaging, dispensing, dehumidification , short baking and long baking solidification, etc.; baking processing in the food industry, drying of agricultural products, etc.; pharmaceutical industry, drying of Chinese herbal medicines, drug granulation, dehydration, sterilization, etc.; baking and drying of chemical, plastic, silicone rubber, hardware and other material workpieces. It plays an important role in industrial production and has derived a series of equipment nicknames, such as: silk screen tunnel furnace, silk screen baking line, screen screen dryer, hot air circulation tunnel oven, tunnel drying equipment, tunnel type dryer, tunnel oven drying line, etc.


4. Working principle of tunnel oven

The tunnel oven transports the materials that need to be baked in and out through the conveying system. The heating element is combined with a high-speed fan and a wind wheel to form a high-speed circulating hot air, which can be baked and dried evenly and efficiently in the furnace body. It can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the baking process. Setting the conveying speed, baking temperature and time, etc., compared with the traditional contact heating method, has obvious advantages in protecting the PCB surface, preventing local overheating, temperature uniformity, and energy efficiency ratio.


5. Advantages and characteristics of tunnel oven


The core advantage of the tunnel oven is that it is suitable for large-scale continuous baking. Secondly, based on the baking method, it has the advantages of low heat loss, high thermal efficiency, high baking efficiency and good quality. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale continuous industrial production. , the tunnel oven is of great significance, it can effectively reduce electricity and energy consumption costs, thereby establishing price and market competitive advantages.


In addition to the advantages and characteristics brought by its own type, tunnel drying equipment can bring more ideal energy-saving and efficient baking solutions to industrial production, such as: Xinjinhui’s third-generation PCB board text post-baking and drying. Line, as a hot air circulation oven type tunnel oven, saves 55% energy compared to the first generation PCB tunnel oven drying line (the first generation was launched in 2014, saving 20% ​​energy compared with the traditional drying equipment at that time), and can be dried according to customer requirements We provide tunnel drying equipment customization services based on process requirements, and have won recognition and long-term cooperation from listed companies such as Jingwang Electronics, Shennan Circuit, and Chongda Circuit.


This article gives a detailed introduction to the structure, function, working principle and energy saving advantages of the tunnel oven. I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the tunnel oven. If you have more questions, please leave a message for discussion. Follow us, Xin Jinhui As a leader in energy-saving tunnel furnace and oven equipment, we will continue to release tunnel furnaces, hot air circulation ovens and other new technologies, new processes, new equipment and solutions to industry pain points that enable the industry to save energy, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Post time: Jun-11-2024