An inventory of common quality problems of PCB circuit boards, telling you which processes and equipment to focus on

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is an indispensable component of electronic products. However, due to some common quality issues in the manufacturing process, this can negatively impact the performance and reliability of electronic products. This article will introduce you to common quality problems of PCB circuit boards and which processes and equipment are affected.


First, lets talk about pcb silk screen printing issues:


Silk screen printing is the process of printing logos, text and graphics on PCB, which can help people better identify and assemble electronic components. However, if the silk screen quality is not good, the logo will be unclear, blurred or offset. In order to solve this problem, fully automatic smart PCB with CCD positioning and high-quality silk screen ink can be used to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the mark.


Secondly, the selection of circuit board screen printing machine is also an important issue. Different circuit board screen printing machines have different performance and accuracy. Choosing the right one can improve the quality and efficiency of screen printing and reduce errors and deviations. This means that the selected pcb screen printing machine needs to be easy to adjust and use, or it must be compatible with itself and have perfect performance design in all aspects, or it must be specially customized according to the manufacturer’s needs.


Solder mask screen printing machines are another concern. Solder mask is a layer of material used to protect the soldering areas of circuit boards. It can prevent short circuits and poor soldering. However, if the solder mask screen printing quality is not good, it will lead to uneven solder mask thickness, cracking or peeling off. In order to solve this problem, you should choose a solder mask screen printer with reliable quality, especially the solder mask process, which has a direct impact on the quality of the PCB. The higher the high-end PCB board, the higher the requirements for the solder mask process. Xin Jinhui, as It is synonymous with powerful manufacturers of pcb solder mask screen printing machines. Its equipment can be found in major PCB manufacturers around the world and has been widely recognized by the top 100 companies in the PCB industry.


Another common problem is PCB hole plugging machine. Plug holes are small holes used to connect circuits at different levels. If the quality of the plug holes is not good, it will lead to unreliable electrical connections, short circuits or open circuits. There is also the typical golden hole problem. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, you should choose PCB ink/with supercharging function to ensure that the plug holes are full, avoid repeatedly plugging holes, wasting time, inefficiency, and reducing the scrap board rate. Secondly, it has high precision and high Efficiency and other advantages, thereby establishing economic benefits.


Finally, the screen printing oven is also an important link. The tunnel oven is used to cure screen printing ink and solder mask. If the oven temperature is uneven or the time control is inaccurate, it will cause quality problems of the screen printing and solder mask. In order to solve this problem, you should choose a professional and carry out strict temperature and time control. The second step is the PCB solder mask pre-baking and text post-baking processes, which often take several hours, and heating baking is the most important part of the entire PCB production process. It is a large consumer, so choosing equipment with good energy saving effect, high quality and fast speed is very important for PCB manufacturers to improve their efficiency. Recognized by industry leading companies, it is trustworthy.


In addition to the issues mentioned above, there are other quality issues that need attention, such as inaccurate circuit board dimensions, poor pad quality, incomplete electrical performance testing, etc. To ensure the quality of PCBs, appropriate manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures should be adopted.


All in all, PCB quality issues involve multiple links, including silk screen, solder mask, plug holes and oven. By selecting appropriate equipment and materials, and conducting strict quality control, these problems can be effectively solved and the quality and reliability of PCBs can be improved. However, with the rapid iteration and update of electronic products, PCB production continues to pose new challenges, and new equipment and processes continue to evolve. This also puts forward higher requirements for the technical capabilities and production levels of PCB manufacturers. How to compress production costs and improve Production efficiency and ensuring product quality have become the top priority for PCB manufacturers in their business development. In order to maintain market competitiveness, they must continue to work hard to drive comprehensive benefit growth. As a powerful manufacturer of PCB special automation equipment, Xinjinhui has been committed to the research and development of cutting-edge technologies. , has made outstanding contributions to helping more than 3,000 corporate customers realize intelligent automation, energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. We look forward to your contact consultation.

Post time: Mar-05-2024